Dec 29, 2009

I'm looking for corny in my life

Let me sum up this year in a blog post. Not three words because I'm long winded that way.

2009 has truly been an emotion roller coaster ride for me. I embarked in a new adventure, it's anything but monotonous. There was a lot of waiting, patience and uncertainty; in a bittersweet tone.

There was no drastic change in the the most talked about (esp during reunions) in a couple of departments; the hairstyle and relationship. While Jennifer Aniston will always take the crown for her "Rachel" hair, still looking great at 40 and on-off-on-now off relationship with John Mayer who has a great new album. He may not have a great image as a partner but boy, he still is doing great in the music department, no doubt.

My hair is Chestnut (Red) this season, and Beyonce's "Single Ladies" is still my ringtone, so if you like it, why don't you put a ring on it? Yes, she's still brilliant, Kanye doesn't need to blow her trumpet, no thank you, because Taylor Swift is awesome. Great year for her, don't ya think?

2009 may be anything but definitely not bad at all. It could be worse. Britney made her comeback, easily with one. two. three. It's a circus alright in politics, sports and entertainment. Speaking of sports, Tiger might have to really tone down, let's just say he dabbled into a sport where people is usually discreet about.

The saddest news after recession and lay offs has definitely got to be deaths. From Michael Jackson to Brittany Murphy, shocking but we move on. And our dear late Jim Rohn, had the privilege to hear him through a live conference, too bad it was to late to meet him in real life. But the thing is, all these deaths are mourned because they touched so many lives; that's what it has to be.

It doesn't matter whether life has been good or bad; have you touched someone's life while you still eat and breathe? Life can easily be snatched in a sec, a lightning can strike you this instance, but has life been worth it, so far?

Time passes us so quickly; in this brief life, why not make it worth living. My new year's resolution is to breathe lives into others. How about you? Are you finally going to make a change?

I've learned this year that there's no time to be cynical, cautious, a control freak, suspicious, afraid and cursing why this is happening, but instead, you will see to making the time to exercise 20 mins a day, have meaningful friendships, family bonding, good thoughts about others.

What say you?

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