Dec 31, 2009

The end of another year, not the end of the world

The title would be more suited for 2012, I think... Have you heard of the saying, "Party like there's no tomorrow?" Exactly, I understand birthdays, maybe, you can only celebrate 16 once, but then again, I don't really believing in the commercial way of celebrating a special occasion. For me, party and celebration is where you feel most at home, with your family and loved ones.

Let's not indulge in my usual opinionated post, and let's talk about this new year. 2009 may be the best year, or may be not, or somewhat bittersweet; let's take in the goodness, and let's be thankful. for the bitter experiences that helped you to grow, and happy moments as dessert, like cherry on top of a cake.

Happy New Year everybody.

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