Oct 26, 2009

Tough like a passion fruit

There's an interesting history why Passion fruit is named that way. But in the picture above taken of the passion fruit from our garden proves to me that it's really something.

As you can see those little red and black blue spots are insects and worms mark. Life as we know it is full of it and there is always something we can all learn from nature; negative vibes and circumstances are inevitable, yes, we die in the end; like nature, everything competes to grow; who gets more sunshine or rain and good vitamins and survive the insects.

Like the passion fruit, at the end, we get to taste the sweetness of the fruit. And so is life, you've got to sacrifice, work, endure, have passion and determination, persistency even; at the end of the day we reap the harvest, we still die, but what's most important, we have lived the life from the path we have chosen.

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