Oct 24, 2009

People cannot argue with success

There has been an obvious absence (M.I.A) of photos in this blog, but I have words and thoughts as a consolation prize. I guess not many people read, but here's what I think in words, besides images.

Have you ever been in a conversation where you discuss about other people? Obviously.

Okay, gossip is not a nice term, but occasionally you do talk about things like what's this person doing, how's he making a lot of money, his great and glamorous life after college. Everyone gets the same certificate, but in reality, you get judged by your ability to bring in the dough.

What's the definition of success? To some, how much money is important, to some how many countries you traveled to, or maybe achieving an award or appearing in the newspaper. But you sure know from a very young age, success is important, winning is better than losing, A+ is better than C.

The standard to measure success is subjective but every culture, every race, every nation recognize what success is and likewise. Well, you can see it from the Olympics, and Premier Leagues, who's winning, which countries with more Gold medals than the other. There's no end to it.

What I've come to terms with is that people cannot argue with success. It's not about others. It's not about getting a gold medal and a million dollar cheque. It's about you. Your burning desire to want the best for yourself to the point of obsession maybe, but hey, it's your life; one life.

One life to live. One life to make ALL the mistakes you can make and breakthrough the challenges. We have the same equal opportunity, maybe with different circumstances. Most of the successful people will tell you that they either dropped out of school, from a broken family or poverty, but if you're not all that, I guess we should all be doing better than that.

That leads to a question; Why not you? Why not me?

# Why not me, jumping off the cliff into the ocean in one of the exotic islands in Greece?
# Why not me, having coffee at the sidewalks cafe in Paris?
# Why not me, on a winter night skating at the Rockfeller Center by the big Christmas Tree?
# Why not me, shopping at 5th Avenue?

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