Oct 21, 2009

Overcoming learning disability makes you a genius

Or so many has proven.

Today my dad told me to walk into our shoe closet to take a sniff. Apparently it has a stale scent; my senses was, "What scent?" The truth's out. From the years I have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant (don't mention the countless asthma medication I have been prescribed throughout my growing years), my smell sense doesn't work like a 20/20 vision should which has contributed to my lack of observation and organizing skills.

My nose is as good as telling Clinique Happy or Lancome's So Magic! is a good scent, my own fart isn't, bitter strong coffee is good aroma for the soul, and as a great dust detector.

Well, I finally think the years of frustration, for instance, someone would ask, "What smell is that?" in which I'm thinking in my head, "What smell?" has brought me to ignorance of how beautiful is scent of the earth.

I'm able to smell when it's calm and cool; in the nature,I'm able to smell the rain, the fresh dew from the green leaves, the breeze, the scent of silence.

I guess are excuses are equal. Winston Churchill suffered from stuttering, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison from Dyslexia as well as brilliant actors like Tom Cruise and Robin Williams. The late Ray Charles was blind, the great Ludwig Van Beethoven was deaf. There were no excuses for them because they conquered their disability and carved their names in history.

God's greatest gift is to let life be; of choices that we make each day.

Jim Rohn says, "Deal in realities, deal in truth. Accept life like it is. Life is unique. Some people call it tragic, but I’d like to think it’s unique".

We do not like be told, we like to weigh the options to see which is the best for us. Sometimes, when we face challenges, we would give up and say, "Why me?" The irony of life.

Well, your weakness might just be what you were ignoring all these years. I'm taking up a challenge to work on it; care a little bit more, do a little bit better than yesterday and do it over and over and over and over again.

Re-Reading: Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life

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