Oct 15, 2009

Life is like keeping a marriage alive

You can read minds now, thanks to Twitter and Facebook status updates. You know what are people up to just by going on the internet. The time fly by seconds, and then minutes, the next thing you know, a couple of months, a year, two years, five years.

"There's this new project I'm working on"
"Beautiful sunset in Taipei"
"I hate Mondays"
"I quit smoking"
"Come to our new opening"
"I have a gig, come join"

To think about it, there's a shortage of activities happening in real time. People stay in touch with technology. Well it does for one create topics to talk about; most of the time endless debate. "Oh no, she didn't. Did you hear about Khloe Kardashian's prenup?", "Did you listen to Leighton Meester's latest single?" and something along the lines of "How's life treating you?" and it will usually revolve around updates on relationship, hairstyle change, your job, or a new hobby".

Life is just not a box of chocolates where you do know you'll be getting a chocolate anyways. It's like keeping a marriage alive. Just that you can't possibly divorce yourself.

You know you're going to be the same person, same name, the fact you get extra wrinkles doesn't change who you are, but it's about knowing you can do a little bit better, living each day, getting to know other characters, moving from one chapter to another, and when you're 85, you can look back and say, "What a life!".

There are enough testimonials and stories around to tell that we can too lead and design an extraordinary life.

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