Oct 10, 2009

the story of my life, or so the rest of us will say

Everybody say "Overpriced Education"

That's not what caught my attention, read: Jack Savoretti. Besides that, here are some comments on the trailer which I found to be hilarious:-

This should tell you something: There is an increasing amount of college grads that can relate to her story to make a hit at the box office. Sad... lordennis01

and further depress their already depressed lives and bank accounts by going to see this movie ThoughtScientist

Hey wow that looks like my life. moondog202001

I'm graduating from college....going through what this movie is about. Well... at least I would have time to watch this movie while I'm looking for a job after graduation quietgirl2009

How appropriate for the recent or soon-to-be college grads who will find it difficult to find a job in this kind of economy/job market. pinkie2893

I totally agree. This movie reminds me of Pirates of the caribean. The part where Leonidas tells efialtes that the black pearl was his, and the titanic came up from underneath them with the ghost crew. This is going to be awesome!!!! krackmonky

Yea we obviously didn't see the same trailer.Unless....one of us was on acid..... 0.O SgtHawkinspxs

Great!!! My wife is probably gonna make me watch this with her. SgtHawkinspxs

haha i entire system of education is a joke, if you do attend grad school...that makes about 17 years of school that you have to work you ass off on so that when your done you wont be find a job, becasue you dont have any experience..its a joke if you ask me. visme321


Ain't life grand when they make everything looks so great in a movie regardless if it's a depressing story, the makeup would be perfect, the air just feels magical, and somewhere towards the end, the lead actors get what they want anyway?


I'd reckon the movie should start with a catchy tagline like, "The Story of My Life" and show a million people around the world because that's just what's it all about. Who would make a movie that you cannot relate to, think about it.


Other than that, there are enough stories and testimonials to proof that you can lead and design your own extraordinary life. Maybe you don't get a knight in shining amour but who can tell you it's impossible?

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