Jul 22, 2009

Somebody says that I should be afraid

All these feelings and emotions that comes flooding in makes you want to blog or twitter about it and it goes something along those lines, "Is it just me or..." and you will find one million other people feeling the same way too. Is it just me, or does that make you feel you're not alone, or more like, "I'm not really that unique after all?" *cue to laugh*

Don't you agree that we are all striving to be original, to do something different, and stand out of the crowd; everything has been that way from college essays to why your potential employer should hire you to also why you think you deserve to be financially free? To be No. 1 in class, instead of No.4, because they will award those Top 3 anyways.

Nothing in this world which is not a competition, one way or another. And that's the irony of it. To stand out or to be the best so that we can be different, or are we really?

We want to fit in, but we want to stand out. We don't want to be stereotyped, but we want to fit in the category of what the world thinks is okay.

I guess it's things that you can't solve like whether the chicken or the egg comes first, or like whether you go pro-choice or anti on abortion. Great for debates, but nothing will ever come out from it. Period.


Moving on, let's move on and do some pimping, shall we?

The One Days:HK- See Through from the Wongfu boys.

About a guy on a trip with his brother in Hong Kong, who cannot overcome his breakup with his girlfriend 6 months ago. He meets a girl who is also breaking up with the boyfriend; and he sees her point of view as though from his ex girlfriend's.

6 months by Hey Monday. It would be a perfect soundtrack for the above short.

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