Jun 11, 2009

every man dies, not every man really lives

and they complain life is short. well, if you ain't living it, it will be. and if you don't say YES! today, you won't be making the mistakes, and you won't grow, only wither and die. And to keep it real short, count the Saturdays left in your life. Well, not much.

I personally believe [making a pageant speech because I can make fun of it that way] that if you know 5 years down the road that you wouldn't go anywhere if you keep to what you're doing now, change, evolve, do the whole metamorphosis, and do something different today.

What do you when you always have bad hair day after using your old brand for quite some time? You change to a new one. You change until you get the right shampoo for your hair, and that's what we need.

If you can change your hair, you would change your shampoo until you get the right one.

more : flickr@theuptownlife

Question is, What would it take for you to change your life?

Would you change your shampoo? ;) and What would you do differently?

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