Jun 9, 2009

Places to go: Boston

Have ever feel attached to something, some place that you have never set foot on? Like you can feel it in your fingers, and toes curls up, well, almost as orgasmic as Bubbly can ever make you feel.

List of the places that make me feel that way:

Japan (Was there 2004!)

As opposed to Japan-is-kawaii-overrated, it is not. Immerse yourself in modern meets traditional culture. Use the first four days to do all the obligatory temple visiting, dance and plays and tea ceremony, then the rest of it (as below):-

Go to Fujinomiya and check out Mount Fuji- plan a summer climbing trip, cycle around town, take silly photos with purikura-style, go for "real" kaiten sushi, and chef [hand] made sushi, go to Kyoto for Geisha hunting, drink cold ice blended Starbucks during winter, jaywalking and get reprimanded by the police, go to Tokyo "Asakusa" temple during New Year, go for delicious authentic Unagi, Osechi on the first 3 days of New Year, wear kimono, Skinny Dipping ala Onsen!

Coffee in a bowl at Joe's Garage, Arrowtown, New Zealand (Also 2004, where they shot the scene where Princess Arwen saves Frodo from the evil dudes)

Bungee Jumping, Kawarau river - The 1st Bungee Jumping site in the world, 43 meters.

Horseback riding in Sydney Australia, Melbourne, St. Kilda' flea market, and Victoria Market(awesome plums!), and wine tasting in wineries.

Short interruption! You've got to listen to this!

David Choi (Super talented) and Paul Dateh.

What's next?
(I can feel it in my bones! ) ;p

Catch Shin Seung Hun live! (can't wait!)

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