Feb 4, 2009

do you need a validation?

Most of the time in our lives, we needed the "nod", the approval, just a tad bit of recognition; okay, what we're doing is right, and yes, voila, confidence, baby! Do we? Do we really need it?

Most of us do anyway. The only thing to avoid is the dependency on people's opinions.
Now, are we contradicting ourselves here or what?

I figured out that if we be less judgemental just for 1 minute, we can actually skip the "Oh-he-said-those-mean-things-to-me-I'm-hurt!" part.

Once you start judging people, for instance, a girl is wearing something obviously too short, you give them credit for their confidence being able to pull that off. And the next time you're wearing something too short, I think you will find yourself less conscious and strutting down the street (runway) without pulling it to cover anything.

Now, that's karma.

Speaking of "ouch" moments, the King (as in thriller king, Stephen King) bashed Twilight author by saying, "Stephanie Meyer can't write worth a darn". And adding on 4 most dreadful words that no writer wants to hear, "She's not very good". Yowza! Like cactus sticking up one's behind.
Read article.

I'm no fan of the Twilight, sorry, not a vampire fan, or pale looking heroes. But my point here is, if you were her, do you listen to the "King" or the screaming (Ed Cullen's) girly fans? Well, I would at least enjoy my royalties!

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