Feb 5, 2009

have you ever

wished you were shorter, so that you can be someone's bff, because that's what you think? "hey i could totally be a fun person with (insertnamehere) if we were at the same height".

funny thing is, i just did. and that felt weird. really. out of this world.

i think a lot of times where you wish you were something to match someone; somewhere so you can be somebody, almost like a twisted version of joey mcintyre's don't you ever wish. i never knew i was this weird. now i know. and you know. shut up!


this is where i hit backspace and space and backspace, you get the drift. but i'm still writing. so, bite me! i'm alone in this air conditioned room typing away which gives me ample time to reflect on my life, so if you're reading this, welcome to boredom. this is how it feels like, if you are still following, well, okay, i'm thinking, "what am i going to say? something interesting? something people would like to read? something that doesn't reveal that much about me?" wow, you must think i'm nuts, because this is what goes through my head when i do this thing here.

and there you go. one paragraph. for those who hasn't update with excuses like writer's block, well, shame on you (read: you) joking. but seriously. this is your venting machine, your space; and who cares if it's online, and worldwide, and someone's going laugh at you? Or you can only write something that sound smart because people know you for that? I guess we have to let our hair down sometimes, and just be crazy.

i think the problem with us, people in general, is that, "we think". now you're going to "think", "of course we think". well, you think. too much. you are picky. too picky. you want to be perfect. too perfect. i'll be the first one to admit all of the above.

there are things that are worth overdoing; now that's just an excuse for addiction. too much chocolate or sinful indulgences, people call that bingeing. too much sex, sex addict (read: agent mulder from x-files, forgot his name); well, you get the drift.


okay. this is where i sign off.

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