Jan 7, 2009

Now you can Wear Your Music

This takes fangirl-obsession to a whole new level. I thought owning a pillowcase with your favourite celeb face all over it is extreme, but now you can wear them "OMG-I-own-a-piece-of-him!" in one breath.

Of course, for a cause, a good cause.

$200 for a piece of Mayer.
if only my credit card was in hand.
i mean *thisisjohnmayeryou'retalkingabout!*

For $100-500, you can own a "piece" of your favourite band/singer, at the same time donate to the cause that these artists chosen. 100% from the sales goes to causes from Make a Wish foundation, PETA, Unicef to Keep a child alive and so many more.

Before you get any ideas, this is what I meant by a "piece" of your fav artists. Not "Billy Bob" freaky "I-possess-you-because-I-have-your-blood". Ew! Moving on, all these used guitar strings (obviously) are from Mayer's guitars. Imagine you can wear a piece of "Your Body is a Wonderland" performance? Now wipe off your drool. Tsk. tsk. *wipes mine* ;)

pic: jm team blog

You can even carve your fav artist initials to mark the "most-beautiful" day of your life. LOL.

pic: jm team blog

And look at that. Now if your girlfriends are jealous, slap this on their forehead. "Take that!, I spent $200 on the strings and you're telling me it's made in China?!?" Well, most probably.

And look how sweet Avril's bracelet look. And no sign of Pink! Phew. Only for $150.
Very cheap! -note the sarcasm-

Now, you know you want to get me one of these. LOL.
Okay, maybe not. I'll just be happy with my $10 guitar strings- and it's brand new!

So, it's WearYourMusic.org and support some good causes at the same time you brag to everyone you have a piece of John Mayer for $200 (at least try to pretend you're being charitable). And no, this is not a sponsor post, but they should give me one of Mayer's for doing this. I just find this amusing. :) But it's a cool idea, all in all.

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