Jan 8, 2009

Love and no mushy stuff

Apparently my top posts are mostly about relo and sex. To be exact, I do have a lot of anti-male ego stroking and "single ladies" theme topics. It's not always angry, maybe a slight hint.But I do wonder sometimes, whether my candor is being excepted esp by the male species. Let's move on.

I just thought of sharing this picture. Such irony. Just thought of escaping the stereotype. Hmm... Nah, why be a kill joy right?

It's not really about relo or sex this time but it's based on a song entitled Love by none other than David Choi. I would like to share this particular verse.

Left here undiscovered
I want to share this gold
With people of the world

Abundantly filling
Every single heart
And here's the best part

Okay, as I'm typing this, I'm finding it hard to grasp the meaning of this entire post. It seems meaningless but I'm trying to find an opening. I just think it's such a wonderful thing to do, to be able to share, and add value to people's lives. Just because we're struggling doesn't mean other people don't.

We try not to burden ourselves with worries of the world, but at least we try to empathize, and remember the next time round, when you're feeling down, you will know that we all struggle together. Keeping a job, keeping your family together, keeping up with school work, keeping friendship and making decisions; big or small.

I think it's good to reflect on 90/10 principle and live life, love more, and the most important thing is be happy.

Did I find the opening?

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