Jan 14, 2009

My 20th lunch date

Another backdated post. Following Chingy's style :p
The day after my "blindfolded party, I scrambled at about 7 am to rush to Puduraya to take the bus home. I celebrate my birthdays with the family every year without fail with the exception of my 16th when I was away. So, we went for lunch at the Indulgence: Restaurant & Living in Ipoh.

We started with the garden salad.
Oh I love the radish and zucchinis.

Mushroom soup. With three pieces of garlic bread.
Thick and creamy; don't even think of finishing it yourself.

Tasted almost like Secret Recipe's award winning Irish lamb stew.

I ordered a Grilled Halibut with Prawns and Mash Potato.
Maybe it's an acquired taste, it's a little fishy but no doubt, fresh.
The lemon made it palatable.

Chicken with tomato gravy (the name was fancier)
A bit (Very) messy, so if you're on a date, well, don't.

The ambience is alright.
You don't get much privacy, really.
It's like a high class cafe in my honest opinion.

It's very cosy, no doubt.
Although maybe a little too echo-ish.
I wished there was a partition- maybe like those Japanese-themed/Bali-wood.

Okay, this isn't a really good review. I didn't write the proper name of the dish for one. And we're not regular patrons- but maybe there's a reason to it.

But without a doubt that it is value for money, for the food, although for Ipoh standard, it is indeed a little pricey- something you would save for special occasions. The service was impeccable. Maybe some place you want to try when you come to Ipoh.

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