Jan 13, 2009

2009 trends Oh-So Pallatable

Not for eating but totally drool-worthy! 2009's looking bleak for most, but certainly not for those who are bold and go-getters. Ignoring the fact that this person (me) behind this blog doesn't seem to leave an impression as a fashionista; I can be a pretty kick-ass image consultant. :p Behind this strong facade, there is some (fashion) sense, whether you want to agree or not.

The "chic" colour pallette for the season. A play of ironism, a combination of neutral and rich.

The 66th Golden Globes 2009 was pretty much sub-dued by the neutral tones (economy) that waltzed down the red carpet. But these are few of my favourites: Forget-the-dark-roots-Drew, she was nothing less of fun, flirty and chic- wearing John Galliano, Beyonce does her best to accentuates her figure with an Ellie Saab creation (gorgeous!) and the lovely Eva Mendes and her oversized (bow) Dior dress (which is in season and not everyone can carry that look) and very in-trend statement turquoise jewellery.

As you can tell, neutral is the new black this season. Bohemian yet classy look, the gladiator sandals are still looking great, the flowy dresses, nothing too tight, the tights are doing alright, very grey-washed tone yet rich pastel, butterfly motives, wavy loose (bob) hair, a gradual transition from the perfect bob look, big pockets, tunics, big belts are still in- but with a twist.

Neon on neutral, the figure skating skirts.

I can't tell you how much I love the bikini design (and I don't even wear one). One sholder strap designs are in again, off-shoulder tops are doing pretty well. Sheer look is in but make sure you wear something nice inside, Renee failed the look at the Golden Globes, so be cautious on that.

Chunky, look-at-me accessories are still in, and very in with close attention to details. Turquoise are definitely in!

I think this came around last Autumn but is going crazy this year, but I would love a pair of Oxford boots. So delicious! But of course I still love "my" (not yet) Louboutins.

As much as I dislike incentuous shows like GG, I absolutely adore Serena's Chinese Laundry Strate Boots for $99 at Zappos.

To a more fashionable 2009: Click!

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