Oct 6, 2008

and then she winks ;)

This brings me back to how certain gestures mean differently in parts of the world. And oops! Governor Palin made a boo boo. By winking at the recent VP debate with Biden, suddenly everyone has an opinion. Definitely not a good one.

Read article in guardian UK about how that wink actually "divided" women of Florida, also, article on LATimes, on her offensive gestures to other countries, specifically India and China.

That wink definitely made news, and people start questioning Palin of her ability to lead the country. Of course, SNL's Tina Fey who has an uncanny resemblance with John McCain's VP reenacted the debate, the funny way.

SNL Interview with Katie Couric (Amy Poehler), and Palin (Tina Fey)

And you still wonder, what went wrong? It was just a harmless wink.
What's wrong with these people? Definition of wink.

Referring to certain gestures that I mentioned earlier on, it could mean nothing to you, but for some people, they mean differently. In this case, a harmless wink can be perceived as an insult or a sexual proposition. Quoting the article on LATimes, "Wondering if you screw up foreign relations in a wink of eye? You betcha!"

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