Sep 29, 2008

Do pets go to heaven?

Gosh, is there anything Malaysia cannot do? Indeed livin' up to its "Boleh-land" claims, I officially wave the white flag, because indeed what is impossible is simply possible here, there is no such thing as "no, we can't do it", but ladies and gentlemen, if you ask me, nothing is impossible here.

When our dear government announced recently of the RM0.10 drop in fuel price, read here, it was completely shocking, 5 years ago, what goes up in Malaysia, never comes down, and this is indeed a surprise, while, if you read here, you will realize that you can't please them all, with its self-explanatory title, shouldn't-it-be-40sen-or-more?. *raises eyebrow* Well, we're indeed "boleh" for one, and can be also very demanding, I'd reckon. Oh and of course, over-promising is relatively common here.

Ah, let me see, today's headline screams out, "Balik Kampung" time for Malaysians who're celebrating Hari Raya- wonderful time to just gather as a family, and well, *rolls eyes* EAT, if I didn't know any better, I didn't think we really have anything much in common, except time to eat... I'm joking, but we do have our fair shares of political aspirations, and how the country should be and "freedom of speech", or how bloggers share the same sentiments on us being "goblok(s)", oh and endless competition of who-knows-the-best-food-around?

Okay, let's get back to main track. Well, as we all know (who am I kidding?), the World Animal Day 2008, falls on the month of October. And my oh my, I didn't think anyone would naive enough to think that animals have souls, or go to heaven, after watching "All Dogs Go to Heaven"? Yes, I think there are, unfortunately.

Here is a list of events to be held in conjunction with the World Animal Day. Look at Oct 3 and Oct 4. "A special mass and animal blessing in church". Not that I have anything against animals at church, I don't care if they want to bless animals, like dogs, who are man's best friend, but the idea just seemed to be silly. I was a little curious, and I thought I'd google it.

It just crossed my mind that this could be "the" solution, in a creative way, to those who claim that they don't have time to attend service because they had to attend to their pets? I don't know. It seemed like how a kid would go saying, "My dog ate my homework", and the teacher goes, "Okay, let's bring your dog to school, so that I can give him a crash course, on what to eat and what not to?"

Why do I even indulge in these thoughts? I'd like to think I have better things to think about. *shrugs* But seriously, this could be the ideal country for animal lovers around the world, MM2H could use this as a selling point. "Because we care for you and your pets". How's that for a tagline?

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