Oct 7, 2008

you can't trust what you read these days, can you?

source: article@ thestar

So, last Sunday, we took a drive up to Pantai Remis, following this article which appeared in The Star: Metro edition. We followed the directions, which led to the jackfruit tree, where the restaurant is situated. Here are some pictures.

the landmark: the jackfruit tree.

Mantis prawn dish.

Crab meat salad.

Fish. (real fresh too)

and signature prawn fritters dish.

Of course, there has to be a catch. The restaurant was the normal chinese restaurant you see, the open air, local people sitting and chit chatting while having their Tiger beer, and flies.

Correction, crazy loads of flies.

It's understandable where there is seafood, there's flies, but I can't imagine eating peacefully when you have to fan away the flies with one hand, and the other hand using the spoon.

Now, "We'll just order the dishes one by one the next time," my dad joked. Haha. What I'm really asking is a peaceful meal. And of course, I found a fly on my fish. TGIF (Thank God It's a Fly!) And of course, being the NS-certified goer, I gave it a stare, put it aside, and continued eating.

What about the food? Oh, it's fresh, and delicious to boot. But please make some effort to not include flies in the recipe. And I thought, you can at least trust food reviews on the newspaper. And I really find it hard to believe Japanese (refer to article) would dine in that place, the Japanese I know, don't even share chopsticks with their own family members.

I've been waiting to bring my host family from Japan for a food tour when they're around, but I've blacklisted half of the restaurants in town, looking at the hygiene.

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