May 21, 2008

so I'm hooked...

it's 4:54 am right now and I just finished watching Ghost, a Malaysian drama about a girl who tries to solve the mystery behind the death of a movie star (who supposedly died in an accident- and of course, he "had" to be murdered to make the story going when he seeks help from this girl in a ghostly form)

blooper video.
the funny thing is that how they did not prepare the fire extinguisher when they're about to shoot a scene where they set someone on fire. hmm.

the casts- the chemistry, the acting got me hooked.

if it was some bad acting, with an average storyline, I wouldn't have watched it. but then again, maybe sometimes you can't have everything, but a good effort for a Malaysian production, I think. They could've sit on the idea, develop it further, but I really wonder why they couldn't wait.

After all, good things come to those who wait.

p/s: the psycho fan girl is REALLY GOOD! i was so freaked out by her!
oh and the fact that there was like at least 3-4 songs of colbie caillat were featured in the show (I guess they must have been a huge fan of hers! :p)

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