May 15, 2008

GAP presents Marié Digby Live in KL

7.30pm and the unexpected crowd, and worst part, I couldn't get a good spot for pictures!

Desperate calls for desperate measures, I went up to the 2nd floor- climbed on the chair and took this, which is still pathetic.

12 year old, Kimberly, won the Yamaha guitar! *I didn't have the courage to join!*

A guy, who forgot his lyrics. Nervous and was actually trying-too-hard-to-impress-Marié.

She's not too bad. Just nervous.

Acoustiq 39 feat Azalea sang Say it Again. Click for their 2nd place Marié's Youtube Contest Video.

OPL. Other People's Lens. =_=;

As you can see I'm very far, and I wished I had telephoto lens. :(

the queue to get the autograph.


I wasn't happy with the set up, because you can't get a good view, plus the audio was a lil faulty during her first song, Say it Again.

But it was worthwhile, because I got closeup pictures of her, as she took a mini break when it came to my turn!


:) Paint me in your sunshine. Click for the video. Click to download.
credits: soundofcolor

She's lovely. ;)

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