May 2, 2008

The Real Hero Amongst All. (Review + Spoiler alert!)

"See ma, no broken bones. Milk is good!"

Move over Shia. At 43 years old, Robert Downey Jr. still rock it, this time playing Tony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries which produces advance weapon systems for the U.S. military, and of course, playboy and arrogant to boot.

"Peace is having a bigger stick than the other guy" his dad's philosophy that he hold on to, of course, until he was abducted by one of his biggest customers, a bunch of terrorists who are also multi-lingual(which I find to be really confusing, they switched from english to hungarian to arabian? in a few scenes...)

But still cool, because he has a translator with him, which he left Stark (Downey Jr.) a simple statement, and it happened to be a very life-changing statement, "A man that has everything and yet nothing".

Of course, we weren't short-changed, the IronMan "superhero" suit left me wanting for more. The gold and "hot rod" red suit, oh so masculine! One of the main highlights or enjoyable scene was when Stark was alone, working in his "workshop".

And thank goodness for once, they did the right thing by leaving us with some room for imagination, a few "almost" scenes with the "damsel in distress", which is good breather.

I would rather not to have Potts (Paltrow), but some female presence balanced all the masculinity in the film, and she makes an okay eye candy, and managed to deliver some of the witty lines (esp at the end) :p

Terrence Howard makes a good sidekick- he is humourous, yet not over the top, unlike Chris Rock or Chris Tucker, that can be (really) annoying. Jeff Bridges makes a convincing role as the villian, the baldie with beard. :p

Suffice to say, IronMan has successfully transcend the typical, formulaic superheroes' movies with its, may I say, brilliant, and rather witty lines. Oh yes, good acting (read: Robert Downey Jr!) I guess Favreau (director) managed to encompass a realistic feel to the whole, while injecting a perfect balance, which was his original purpose: that is to make this a family fantasy movie.

Oh, and I love how this movie manages to poke fun at Ivy Leagues, Playboy's Hugh Hefner (starring Stan Lee as Hugh!), and the U.S. Military. ;p also an insider joke about how superhero have to have a girl a.k.a damsel in distress. Nothing like a good dose of sarcasm. xD

okay, I'm sorry if my extended review gave everything away, and esp if you haven't watch it. But I promise, it's going to be worth it! :)

and a gentle reminder to movie goers;-

Please, do not try to be a storyteller. We have our eyes, and ears, and we can understand, so zip it, will ya? You ask me why? I encountered this storyteller who was well, narrating out a scene, for the wife, naturally, everyone around him.

You know how they go, "Ooo... This is the part where she walks in, and then, yup, the guy is behind her and she's going to turn... " Oh, come on, shut up! *rolls eyes*

So, yes, zip it and enjoy the movie. peacefully. word.

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Yeah man, IRONMAN rocks!! I'm gonna ditto everything, coz you said it all! Including the storyteller-moviegoers part, haha!

P/S: Mich is crrrrazy, she squeals every time Terrence Howard comes on screen! While the rest of the cinema squeals at Downey Jr. Hahahahaha. She already likes him from other movies la. But still. Hahaha.

yours truly fel

Terrence Howard did manage some good screen presence too, he's like saving IronMan's butt every time.

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