Feb 14, 2008

It's V-day.

Not that I'm dreading it. It's just like any normal day, I had a good laugh though, as I was checking my horoscope on the the newspaper.

It blatantly says: It's Valentine's Day, and I see (who?) the only romance you'll be getting is from the Mills and Boon's series.

Okay. Ouch! Maybe. Haha. Good laugh though.

Anyways, I was just catching up on being the couch potato I've always have been, I did the whole movie marathon thingie- from thrillers to chick flicks to romantic comedies.

And I've noticed a trend in all the movies I've watched- similar, almost identical in fact that the female leads in these movies (all the genre I mentioned above)- are independent, smart, I-don't-need-a-man female. In short- the Metrosexual Women.

So today, instead of complaining for the umpteenth time why some girls out there are still single (like me, hehe) I shall engage myself in this discussion of this new-upcoming phenomena of Metrosexual Women :p Some crazy ideas (mine. :p) of why this is actually happening...

1) Women found something more orgasm-worthy than men.
Meet your worst nightmare boys: Imagination.

2) Women is trying out a hand in voicing out her opinion. She likes to be heard too. Conquering the world is just something that we add to our long, long, very long list. Remember, our middle name is multi-tasking. :)

3) As much as men would laugh about dumb blondes, and how women can't read maps or drive like a normal person on the road, I think that's so yesterday. If they could just focus during a conversation rather that the Ts and As. We'd appreciate that. And all those gossiping about us? We know that. Tsk. tsk.

4) Like how they say: Dad's the best! Can you be like dad? If you can't, take a number, and stand in line, for as long as you want to.

5) Women may be fickle minded creatures- only because they want the best. They still make a decision in the end. You know when men say, "Whatever will do or Anything, dear?" We hate that.

6) Male ego. Word.

7) You know you have your 36-24-35 expectation? We have way more than that. A longer list of OUR expectations, that is. :D

8) (From Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars) Women are like waves. Yes, emotionally unstable from time to time- but beware- we do come up like Tsunami waves. Scary enough?

9) Women can wear the pants. Can men do the same? Skirts? O.o. Men can lead- but it's just a matter of time when women catch up.

10) Correct me if I'm wrong- Porn Business (sounds like it's male dominated- but who made it happen?) It doesn't worth $10 billion for nothing. We mean business.

Happy V-day! :x Somehow that doesn't feel right? Hmm..

p/s: Psstt.. I'm skipping today as well. haha. :p

7 spoken:


Hahaha... I too read the horoscope and laughed at the Mills and Boon's line. Good post but I'm lookin fwd to light-hearted stuff about yourself :)


dp: i'm anything but light-hearted. :p maybe i should let my hair down a bit. :)


Hey, GREAT post! You go, gurl! ;)


jazzy*pam: hey girl. you found my blog. heh. thanks. :)


Wah; yeng. I like the male ego. Word. XD
Btw what are you skipping? Ngekngek.

Jamie Lioh

wow. kesian ur future bf. my deepest sorry to him. haha.


chingy: yeng le.. (scared le?) :p

jamie: hmm.. yeah. i wonder who's that erm... "lucky" guy? haha.

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