Dec 9, 2007

Where are you Christmas?

When do you know it's time for Christmas?
Is it the snow? :x
Is it the Christmas carols?
Is the Christmas cards you're sending out?

The little cupcake perhaps?

The decorations on display in IKEA?

The "live" Christmas Tree?

Home for holidays? Where's your home? IKEA? :x

Don't get me wrong. I do not hate IKEA, in fact I love it, well, it's a Swedish thing. We have a Swedish car, Swedish phone, and we do shop in Swedish store. That info was pointless. So, ignore em.

I'm just here, trying to ask a question- What does Christmas means to you? Here's a little random poem- something-that-I'm-figuring-up-with-right-now for you guys...

Year End, 25th
They call it Xmas too
Another reason to shop
Another reason to send out greeting cards
To families and friends
A reason to eat
Or to sing "White Christmas"
An excuse to dress in red and green- making you look like a tree.

When is it Christmas for you?
When it's time to say- It's holiday for me?
Or is it just another celebration?

Where do we find the real meaning of Christmas?

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