Nov 2, 2007

Unplug Yourselves!

So, you want to be in advertising?

Spend your morning working on a brief with Malaysia's top Creative Directors! See how they think, how they review work, and what they judge as great ideas.

Kancil Awards Festival ‘Advertising Unplugged’, is a one day workshop for students in advertising where the Creative Directors will be exposing and sharing their thoughts, opinions and views about the working habits of a creative person. This year, students will be divided into groups and assigned tasks under the personal guidance of a Creative Director. To complete the "one-day in advertising experience", the group that creates the best solution will be invited to attend Kancil Awards Night.

Unplug, uncork, unbutton me~ RoFL. I'm just trying to make fun of the term, "Unplugged". Well, I have no idea why they name it unplugged? To be cool? In music terms, unplugged usually means the primary usage of acoustic instruments. So, I guess, they're not pre-recorded, all live? lol. Okay. Whatever.

Anyways, it was cool thing, well, 11 of us (CREACTIVE) went but were separa ted because of their grouping system (sad, but oh well, I still got Jingle w me) So, what we did was to crack a brief which was presented by Janet, Director and Trainer of 95%, which is to: (drum rolls)

To make "Tat Sing" slippers a global cult.

Yes, I'm serious. To make it a global brand. Tat Sing.
I mean if CROCS are ugly, okay, fugly, people still buy it... So, why not Tat Sing?

Under the guidance of 6 Creative Directors (CD) to each team, we started brainstorming (the whole SWOT analysis thing- which isn't that much of a help) Afterall, quoting one if the CDs, Tat Sing is a pair of slippers, that's it, why want to waste your time doing a SWOT analysis for it? LOL. Textbook orientated freaks, we are! :p

So, we had Jeff Orr a.k.a Darth Vader (lol) to guide us.

Jeff Orr, Executive Creative Director of Grey Group
Pic taken from: 95%

Knowledge displaces fear -Jeff Orr-

He was pretty good really, spending time from group to group to check on us, our progress.
He was encouraging, but pushing us to be able to grasp that one concept.

Quoting him, "It's not the execution, but the one simple truth (concept), once you're able to grasp that, then the execution will come easily"

Profound indeed, there's so much truth to it, although I'm not into Advertising (*shakes my head*) but this is indeed wisdom. There was a lot of stress, we're only given less than 3 hours to come up with the concept and ideas for execution, and be judged on the same day. Happy to say that we got quite close, but our execution wasn't strong enough, so the other team was chosen. Oh wells, I'm glad we had a breakthrough though. Okay.. There was a tiny lil disappointment, but all is good. haha..

Before going in the ballroom... Exhibitions of winning entries for Kancil Awards...

Cool Ideas...

180 students in total... FULL HOUSE!

Ads that caught my eye:

Mooncake Chess Game.


"Bacon" from JWT.

Where all the fats gone? Absorbed by Scott tissue.
Yeah riiighttt.. But cool nevertheless..

For gays? Maybe.. haha.. Embracing each other?

Because they used Softlan! LMAO..

What are you looking at? TWISTIES!!

At the end of the day, I got myself, one Tat Sing and a t-shirt( which I paid a freaking RM 25! with his autograph.. :p)

Now that we've unplugged ourselves, it's time to contemplate whether we should stick with advertising or be an accountant instead! ROFL. I never considered Advertising anyways, but it's good exposure.. Great experience, good fellowship...

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