Sep 10, 2007

Today. Yesterday? Er...

It's been quite a while since I blogged about anything, well, personal. I just realized that, and wow, since our exam, and not to mention, "really long" break, and after we chose our electives and here I am, in PR major (who would have thought of that?!?) I didn't see that coming.

Classes have already started. Which reminds, I have a LOT of things to do. No, the upcoming prom night is not included (I'm not really interested, really)---> no offense..

But I guess I'm not really excited for the fact that I have so many things in mind. Stress. Stress. Stress. And this is just the beginning of a new semester. I miss last semester. I enjoyed being general (you know how fun to have introductory classes to subjects like, such as? ) (haha.. imitating you-know-who) :p Well, I enjoyed PR last semester, yes, we do have it this semester, but 10 times the burden. Not an easy task. Think BIG, Felicia!

I'm like the yak. haha. Yak Yak Yak. *babbling*

Writing is what we'll be doing in this whole semester, mostly. It is something that I definitely enjoy. Yes, but, I must, must (repetition intended), admit for the fact that my vocabulary is limited. It really is. It's a reminder to myself to go read more books, or just read the dictionary, if I must. Gosh, it's just weird to say all of this. I might not be doing any personal blogging anymore after this. :p (Imagining people snickering at me while reading this) Have mercy on me! (Yes, I was just being a drama queen-- du dee dum)

News Flash: Felicia coming out as a closet drama queen. *gasp!*

Okay, since this will be the *coughs* last *coughs* personal blog entry... I'll answer some questions perhaps? Well, I'm just anticipating the questions that people (might) want to ask me?
*syok sendiri*

1) What have I been up to nowadays?

Well, during the break, I was hook on ( chatroom. It was fun while it lasted. Yes, David Choi is uber talented (he plays the guitar, does awesome covers, writes and composes his own songs, a producer for Warner Chapell). Here's his pic, and his dog (it's cute!) Yes, I think I'm having an obsession now. haha.

Yes, this is his expression. No, he doesn't smile. ever.

His dog: Snoopy. (same as Kris' dog: Snoopy)


What else? I didn't do anything much, I only spent like half of my break in my hometown. I went jogging in the park (which was long overdue) I'm so ashamed of my fitness, compared to my parents'. I'm trying my best to exercise. It's a good stress reliever as well. hehe.

Exercise is a good stress reliever.

What else? I have been trying to write sponsor post. Hopefully that works as well. Hey, why not get some out of what I enjoy doing? Hopefully I'll get my first USD 25. Teh o ais will be on me if that happens. :p

I currently developed a penchant for guitar. When I last had my hands on a guitar before this, I remembered me playing the C chord and G7 chord, and I gave up. So, recently, during the break actually, because of the sudden inspiration from David's song, That Girl , I decided to give it a second chance. I picked it up, and I realized I could play it. Even my dad was surprised. I mean, I was surprised.

Yes, this is me, posing with my dad's electric guitar. haha. I can only hold the C chord then.
I was 17. Two years ago. hehe.

One thing I learned about the guitar, is that you must be able to sing to the melody of a song, then it's quite easy for you to play the chords (which is like your little guideline). Of course, "That Girl" was not in my ability to play it yet. Although I still can play it a little, not well. I can play a couple of songs (Christmas carols, Christian songs), which are simple. Now I can play a few other songs as well, so it'll be interesting to see how far I can go with guitar. I'm always into piano, but I can take my piano here, so, guitar is the best alternative. So, yeah, guitar rocks for now~

2) What's with the Japanese gibberish entry?

Well, it was the day I took my Japanese exam. So, I decided to blog in Japanese. It's basically about me taking the exam, and it's my 90th post.. etc. Gibberish. Yup. For those of you who are probably still clueless, I take Japanese lessons. haha. And I didn't just started, in fact, it's over a year now. lol. Overall, surprisingly, out of the three levels I took, Beginner 1 and 2 and Intermediate 1, I scored the highest for this. 94/100. An A! Yeah! I think my Japanese teacher was being a bit lenient on us, though. haha. Nevertheless, I had fun. I mixed up Japanese and Korean at one point. haha.

Okay, enough. It's 12:22 am right now, and I had a long day at college. So, without wasting any time, it's time to say Good night!


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