Sep 11, 2007

Hey people, check out CoverCove, it's a fellow acquaintance of mine who has started a blog, going on interviewing really cool people on Youtube. As we all know, Youtube has become a jump start for a lot of talented people. Esmee, Mia Rose, Marie Digby, to name a few has already jump the band wagon of Youtube "celebrity" status, and not to mentioned being signed on to label records. I'm sure if you got it, that contract is on its way.

So, he's been trying to get interesting people to interview, and he's covered David Choi, a producer/composer/song writer for Warner Chappell. To read more on the interview, DavidChoi

So, a little shout out to Jofell at It's kind of cool that he's starting this. Interesting to know these people, who we see in videos getting signed for their talents. Although I must say, the looks definitely determine how far they go. Oh wells, what do I know?

But all I know, if you can hold a guitar, can play it, look okay in the camera, can sing.. And people like you, gives you high ratings on Youtube, then you're just on your way to fame!

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Jofell Gallardo

Thanks Felicia for this blogpost. Really appreciate this. :)

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