Sep 9, 2007


Hey people,

This is actually long overdue. I happened to stumble upon this group, 8eight on Youtube. Believe me, I was skeptical about it as well, because of the name. In my mind, NOT another Se7en. I was never a fan, but so when there's a new group, with 8eight, I mean, who's next, 9nine? LOL. Anyways, the 8 means infinity if you know what I mean. hmm..

I still gave it a listen, everyone needs a chance. I had goosebumps listening to them, no, I'm not joking here. They're quite good. A group which consists of 3 people(not 8!), Lee Hyun, Baek Chan and Joo Hee (two guys, one girl) singing in perfect harmony. Definitely got two thumbs up from me. Also known as the Korean BEP.

Oh, one thing, someone commented that Lee Hyun sounded like Rain. But I would say, it's a combination of Lee Hyun and Baek Chan. Watch this clip: (I was actually surprised!)

1st: You are the sunshine of my life - Stevie Wonder
2nd: So sick - Ne-yo
3rd: Rise & fall - Craig David (with Bi's 'Way to avoid the sun' remix instrumental in the background)
4th: Spend my life with you - Eric Benet

They won the MBC: Show Survival, a "American Idol-like" show in South Korea, and they'll be debuting in Music Core, I'm not sure whether it's this month's 25th or last month. I googled it, some weird stuff came out, so yeah... lol.
News flash: They debuted on 1st Sept. Haha. This was the song they sang.

Song: Forget About Love and Sing. (MV)
Apparently, it's a bit ripped off from Where's the Love? -chorus part? LMAO.

Anyways, apparently they also go around doing this free song campaign. Erm.. It's like star appearance, singing for people at their homes or even workplace. Usually based on request, I think. Here are two.

For an expecting mother (Song: How deep is your love?)

For South Korea's figure skater, Choi Ji Eun. She was injured and her fans requested 8ight to sing for her.

A few other videos:

This is on Show Survival.
Song: Somewhere over the rainbow,사랑할 수 있을까.


1st:Tonight,I celebrate my love for you.
2nd:You are so beautiful to me
3rd: 다줄꺼야 (Give everything) - 조규만(Jo Gyu man)
4th: 너에게 쓰는 편지 pt.1 - MC몽 (MC mong)
5th: Back at one
6th: 난 널 사랑해 (I love you) - 신효범(Shin Hyo Beom)

I'm also in love with the song they sang with Wonder Girls, it's called Between. Catchy, good vocals, I can actually understand their english rap (lol), and cool.
Here's the youtube video: It's just a clip but with their song.

It sounded a bit ripped off from the song, Every Breath I take by The Police, written by Sting. Interesting fact: This song is actually misinterpreted, it was supposed to be about a stalker, but people thought it was a love song, and it's even used in wedding receptions. ROFL! haha. Okayy...

I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, 8eight!

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