Mar 24, 2007

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Movie premier

Venue: Room 1- IACT

Well, the pictures didn't came out right on net, so I decided not to post my poster and my cd cover.. Well, it was too ugly anyways, so probably it got rejected. Haha...

My movie, entitled "Voices". One word to describe it. Morbid. With a twist. Okay. 4 words. haha.
It's about an intern, Kaitlin who volunteers to take up a case of a mental patient, Amanda, who claims to hear voices. And how Kaitlin starts to hear voices herself, and is now confused, and the question is, Do the voices exist? ....

How's that? Well, for those of you who think I might be heavily influenced to do this movie because of Rain, who debuted in his 1st movie where he is a mental patient (*coughs* a mere coincidence) lolz.. No, he did not inspire me. And my genre is totally different. I wanted to do something like a psychology-thriller/horror. And all I wanted to do is a simple but heart-wrenching love story. I guess it's not meant to be. My first movie was about betrayal. The 2nd one, a LAME horror movie. Both plus the third one, are all morbid. sigh.. but wth. hehe..

My premier. Well, it went okay. I was cringing as usual. I wished.hoped.desired. for something better. Basically everything. Actors are fine. I'm proud of them especially Winnie. People around me, was like Winnie? Well, she's perky, well, very... But I chose her for a reason. She outdone herself. Basically, I lost out to other good movies. They had better looking cast (I'm talking about mixed look; indon mix, hmm.. hot body eg: shirtless guy, lolz..) better location (sunset, the beach, nice bedrooms, swimming pool), better audio ( I would say, I should have get more audio.. But I'm happy with mine) better lighting... Better camera angles (definitely. perfect shots, everything flow nicely. I could have done better, you know?) Well, there's no point comparing now, after it's all over. I cannot imagine what I'll be getting. It might be a close B and B+.. Or if I'm lucky... an A. But I put my bet on a B or a B+.

Oh, I did not talked about the premier day? haha.. basically I was just complaining about my movie... haha.. Well... I'm glad people didn't went like Huh?!? like my first movie.. Probably because I made Rachel my main cast.. She's the only one who will talk usually. haha... I did the right thing isn't? heheh. I went up.. Gave them a brief synopsis. Anyways... I looked at Ms Ana. Well, she's the one who's giving me the marks. Not much of expression.. She's just concentrating. A good sign maybe? And no one actually talked much. Not that I hear anything... Probably some faint whispers.. I'm glad some were surprised during the ending. It's supposed to be a surprise anyways. hehe.. Reema was like Oh!!! hahaha.. Thanks girl..
And Kevin was sweet enough to sms me. [quote] Stop cringing. It's nice. *pokes* [/quote] Thanks again...

And after it ended. An overwhelming applause.. Well, at least it was. for me. I felt I was receiving the *coughs loudly* Academy Award or something. *perasan case, I know* haha.. And the credits rolled too slowly, well, maybe that explained the long applause.. haha... Finally I went up again, to give my speech. Just kidding. Actually, a short presentation for my inspiration and hardest part. Plus my movie poster and cd cover. basically i explained everything in the first paragraph.. haha.. I was lost for words. But I managed to say my thank you(s) to Qish, for the story development. And my casts. Great acting. I forgot to say thank you to Jamie.. for to props.. important props... Thanks chagiya.

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Your movie is nice! Jangan mengada!:D


ahh! so sad that i missed ur movie premier!
but i'm so glad to hear that everything went so well n nice!
congrat! n continue to ganbatte ^^

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