Nov 17, 2009

Questions I always ask myself

Do you have questions you ask yourself sometimes? I think everybody is their greatest critic. By that, people change, for the better or for worse. Like the blue skies, it's not unique or really important but it needs to be there.

I'm also not sure where I'm heading but I'm talking about questions, reflections, whatever you call it. It's part of the daily things you do subconsciously when you drift away in your dreams and doodling; when you wander off in thoughts- that's what I'm talking about.
My top 5 questions:

#1 Am I a giver or a taker?

Give freely, and be rewarded. Most of the people that say, "I'm not a good receiver" are simply those who are takers. By sacrificing yourself to help someone that you love- in which they can do by themselves are considered as taking.

#2 What kind of person who will deliver this?

If you're a messy person, ask yourself, what kind of person this is?
If you don't like your current self now, best thing is that you can change! Isn't that great?

#3 What is my dream? My purpose in life?

If you don't have a dream, you're working towards someone else's dreams. Please do not try to use your current circumstances as an excuse to not being to be able to achieve yours. It's simply not worth it.

#4 How many Saturdays do I have left?

Let's say we live till 75 years old. You're 20, and you have 55 years to go. We have 52 saturdays a year x 55 which equals 2860 Saturdays. Not much; so what are you going to make sure you enjoy and live to the fullest all the Saturdays of your life?

#5 What would my eulogy be like?

She did most things she wanted to do
She breathed life into others
She was not the most likeable, but she was a true friend
She died without regrets


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