Jul 14, 2009

It's easy to pick when one laughs like a Hyena...

and the other one looks like Meg Ryan sans botox.

Hyena Vs. Meg Ryan. Easy pick.

The problem with romantic comedies or any movies with lead roles as the main theme, is that they make it Love for Dummies series. They go to the extreme to make sure, we, the audience don't get confused.

Like seriously, who are you going choose? "You complete me" Vs. "It's my grandmother's, I sized them down, she had fat fingers". Less is more. Stick to three words, and you'll never go wrong.

I hate you, I love you; you eliminate room for misinterpretation. But women will always be blamed for thinking too much about the things men say such as, "It's not you, it's me".

Clearly by now, women are already known to have the ability to multitask, which also leads to "What do you mean by that exactly?"

And if you already read all this and nod your head, well, you know you want to agree that we just want to fall in love like the movies. If only we have obvious choice. Then again, we all don't live in the "perfect" movie world, even if we want to.

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