Jul 15, 2009

Even I know that

Got inspired by this post.

1. It's never fun if you're at the losing side of the table (not for long!)
2. Soy nuts. Salty.
3. I miss my choco protein bars. Herbalicious.
4. Liquid lunch
5. Can't wait for dinner. What should I have? Can't wait to see you and you!
6. Good prep for dinner- 100 boxes done, 100 more to go. Hard labor, tau?
7. Best part, no sweat! ;)
8. Oo. I'm wearing my skinny today.
9. Asked my dad how I looked; well, wrong person to ask
10. OMG. David Choi covered Zee Avi's Bitterheart! Click!
11. Larry King asked: Why are objects in the rear view mirror closer than they appear?
12. Spam. more spam. I wonder why I keep the old email add.
13. Em Watson looks super lady-i-like in a tiered nude organza dress.
14. I have two hot dresses in which I needed to find two occasions to wear em.
15. I'm not regretting it, but I really don't see the point now.
16. Commercial break: Peach tea!
17. Self-censorship is too much.
18. Hwa Tai Crackers
19. Zac Efron- Ashton in the making. You can't deny the chemistry in 17 again, hello?
20. I'm still 20! I hope I'll do something amazing by the time I turn twentyone.
21. H&G. Hi and Goodbye. I know, C&C. Corny and Cheesy. I don't care.

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