Jun 2, 2009

You've got mail

I cannot believe I actually fell asleep watching "You've Got Mail", well I was 10 at that time, probably the whole email and cyber love hasn't really drum into me yet. After 10 years, I finally saw it again. It was like first love. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are deliciously great together; I mean their lines are so much deeper than "You complete me". Come on... and jumping on the couch ;p

Speaking of which, I did have my own version of "You've Got Mail". Too bad it wasn't Tom Hanks, or some Prince from Denmark, and I was more of a "We're right for each other, but we don't love each other" [Frank and Kathleen- YGM]. So, for me the sun itself sees not till heaven cleared. Shakespeare is genius, yo.

And somehow "Love Story" is playing in my head. How apt. Oh, Taylor's great. And so is Kate Winslet's singing. But Smiley has my vote for "The Climb" for 2009- that's just brilliant- it's like a flashback of Britney's "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman".

brilliant [s]miley.

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