Jun 2, 2009

15 facts

Because I can.

01. A girl should be seen and not heard.

An elderly told me that. Well, I'm one of the boys during childhood. Pokemon, Digimon battle, Starcraft- which I love! Very close to tomboy, or they like to say androgynous because it sounds sophisticated whatsoever. To act like a girl; I feel weak that way.

02. The rooftop room/attic.

I have a brief moment with my father's father; my grandfather. And we would all sleep in his wooden rooftop room/attic. You have to use a ladder to get to the room, so it was exciting. I wished I had learn violin from him.

03. I'm an old soul or trapped in a younger body.

Maybe I feel more comfortable with elderly, because they don't judge you and you get to talk to them about serious issues and hear their opinion at the same time. Put me in a room with a 60 year old than an empty vessel, anytime!

04. Competitive. Non obsessive type.

As an only child, I have no one to compare with except with my parents' expectations. I don't get obsessed over other people's results, I'm my worst competitor or judge. Sometimes, the pressure comes from myself. If I think I can do my best, I will, and when I face challenges, I will strive for greater results.

05. Worry cat/Want it all

I do worry too much at times. I was turning 20, and I had a panic attack of "What-have-I-achieved"? Now, I'm more realistic and taking it steady. I want a lot of things in life; very passion-driven, but I always feel I don't have enough time.

06. My pillar(s)

My parents. If I can't trust my parents, I shouldn't trust anyone else. My dad is my next best critic and supporter. He breaks me and makes me of who I am today. And my mum is the reason of my perfectionism at times- she is the Mary Poppins of my life.

07. Determination and Passion

I'm driven by these two. I wanted to learn piano, and my dad wasn't sure that I was serious, I had to practice at school and draw out a keyboard and play on a piece of paper. My dad try to teach me guitar, I found it hard. Once I went to college, I got hooked on Youtube and David Choi, "That Girl" wasn't easy to play. The first song I learned to play was Silent Night.

08. Japan has a special place in my heart

I don't know how, don't know why; but I was enthralled by Japan and its culture since I was a young girl. I finally went for a youth exchange, it was one of the best moments of my life. Having Mount Fuji view from your room, and have actually stood in front of the gentle giant; wow, that's truly unbelievable.

09. Magnet of talent- Aspires to be one.

I'm drawn naturally to talent(ed) people. Maybe it's a competitive nature, but I enjoy being around successful people- when I say successful, I don't mean grand parties or free flow champagne, 5 mansions, huge cars. All I need is passion and determination driven individuals, with a big heart.

10. Imagination overdrive

I love to read. I'm words driven. I paint pictures with my mind and my camera. I have a photographic memory for beautiful words and images. If I have to live with two things in my life, unlimited supply of books, and my dslr with unlimted supply of batteries.

11. World Citizen/Explorer- or trying to be.

True Malaysian- Chinese, Malay and Indian. But I believe my exposure to the world since I was 11 years old makes me a World Citizen at heart. My love for books, writings and photography just makes an smoother transition. I can paint how Santa Monica beach looks like without having to go there, but I know I want to be there. I can still paint a picture of my love for Prague- the little hidden wax museum, skeleton clock tower, quaint basement restaurants.

12. Language is music

Music in another language is not a barrier. From Hindustani to Korean, I swim with the melodies, and it's like a beautiful life soundtrack.

13. Saggitarian Dragon =extreme sports+ water

I'm a Saggi dragon girl with a natural love for bungee jumping, extreme boat rides, water sports, sea fishing.

14. Serendipity.

I like the word and the meaning. Fate/Destiny. Maybe it exist when you meet your match. The rest is your own doing. Other than that, I believe everything you do is a choice, if you choose to fate to be your master, then you'll have all the excuses in the world- and that's shouldn't be it.

On the last note,

15. I would never be this open to anyone in real life. ;)

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