Jun 23, 2009

I love reading horoscopes

Well, it's never entirely true or false, it sits on the fence; trying to warn you and it makes you feel good about yourself. Like a fairytale; except they left out the word: reality harshness.

Life is like fairytale (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel all mashed up into one) You will have more than one encounter of the fire dragon, evil stepmother, poisonous apples and definitely more than one Prince Charming trying to sweep you off your feet, you either fall into his arms, or fall flat on the floor; in great hope that you don't get a concussion.

Speaking of which, I'm back from the Land of Morning Calm- no, I did not come in contact with the H1NI, and no, I'm still in one piece (last time I checked, no nuclear radiation as yet). Morning Calm, named after the Chosun dynasty (the last ruling dynasty). If you say Chosun (in canto), it means Good Morning too.

Oh, other than that, I was in the midst of a strike (riot), 14,000 crowd in a room, hot and spicy street food, finally get my hands on those infamous BB (Blemish Balm) cream, had a load of Kimchi, cute Korean securities (just probably well dressed men), and sunset cruise, oh, 1 meter away from Jang Nara. What else? Hmm, I can't say it was what I imagined. Korean dramas, are well, drama afterall; but it's beautiful; summer is fine, I enjoyed shopping, eating ice cream in the hot sun, enjoying fabulous views from the top of the world and subway rides- and meeting new friends. ;)

If I didn't know any better, I would call S. Korea, the Land of Bridges. In Seoul itself, there are 18 bridges, and it was built in 20 years. Before that, it was literally nothing because of the war. Now, I guess they can't stop building bridges- and funny fact is that the border between S. Korea and North is about few hundred meters, before it was around 4 kilometers. Now, young soldiers could care less about what both leaders think of each others- they do bond- by throwing Choco pies at each other.

The most polite strike ever, with a group of Ajumma throwing rice bowls at the police in front of the KB star building.

Shopping at Myeondong.

One for the album.

New friends from Austria (left) at Namsan Tower, Korean (Marketing) students that helped us with the directions. :)

Street food. Dubboki!

Golden in colour: Building 63 (Yuk-Sam), and HanGang [sunset] Cruise.

Just because of this scene from Seducing Mr. Perfect. But the night cruise doesn't exist; the last cruise is at 7:30pm. Our new friends just didn't believe how well versed I am about the Korean wave. Even the tourist guide was telling me it was unbelievable how big the impact was. Government campaigns would fail, but not the drama power.

60 floors and 3 basements. 63 building is the tallest national art gallery in the world. It has restaurants, Seaworld, Imax theater.

Jang Nara, Me in a fabulous "guess how much" dress. xD

I have a total of 1,500 pictures or more; and I don't know where to start. Next time, 7 days 5 nights is for shopping only trip. I'll have it on my flickr later on.

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