May 19, 2009

quiet time

I glued myself on the couch watching Koffee with Karan, wondering how Saif Ali Khan grew only to be more handsome with age (well, the interview was in 2007). And I will always remember his first breakout performance in my first ever Hindustani tear jerker, Hum Saath Saath Hain- my first love. Now, now, I think I have given away too much- I'm a world citizen that way.

You don't need to know the language, you just got to have the love for culture. I'm not talking Capati/Tosai here, but have you fall in love with a korean song- but you don't know a single word of the lyrics. Empathy for the life of a Geisha-even the closest thing you'll come to knowing Japanese is "kawaii"? Your undying love for a person/celeb/ etc of a different race or culture just because you know the hardship they went through, the determination and hardwork that was responsible for their success today?

Then I waited for Enchanted, the movie, to finish- because I'm [dreaming of a true love's kiss] romantic that way.

On Flickr, photos like this- I have City Love playing in my head, and this (the world is aware), reminds me of how a story, song, lyrics melody flow endlessly in one's imaginative mind.

It's 12:27am, and I have ulcers from not getting enough of sleep. I will have a few late nights in this week, no doubt. A focus group, a funeral, and work to attend to. Who said life is boring, in this case, we have death to keep us reminded as well- life is short only if you didn't notice one second of your moment.

Life isn't disappointing- people who do is because of unrealistic expectations- sitting in the same place, doing the same thing and expecting another thing- which is borderline insanity.


Lesson of the post:

Excuses are equal. Don't try to justify, you'll end up settling for less.
Winning is not everything, but Wanting to Win Is.
At least try, even if you get a whooping in the ass the first time, it's okay.
Do the 1st step, before thinking about the 2nd step.
And how else you can get to the 2nd if you don't do the 1st step?

good night.


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