May 22, 2009

All these thoughts I have...

Lack of composure, all over, baffling at times, has a mind of its own. sugar-high like.

I think I have yet to find a way to express my feelings and emotions.

I envy talented musicians that is able to channel all that into songs.

JT to Brit- "Cry Me a River" ; John Mayer can describe ALL his ex relationships from "Your Body is a Wonderland" to "Comfortable" and Miley turns scandals into "The Climb".

We all need to break out into a song like Broadway because a little drama is fun and if there is I want to live in that world. Soundtrack of your life.

For now, I'm looking forward to my guitar sessions without knowing how to tune a guitar because I'm tone deaf that way, and voice that sound like oh oh, quoting Simon, "When a cat fall off a building before it hit the ground" unquote.

Simon Cowell is a true artist of criticism- I think he is his own worst critic. Nobody can be judge unless they're their own worst judge.

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