Feb 20, 2009

falling skies

So I live my life, count my blessings everyday,
And that's all I can do... Anyway..

It was another day; work, bringing the dog out for a walk, dinner, watching The Nanny re-runs on the tele, chilling out, oh, and news. The usual, scandal, money, and politics. And a question was posed to me, "Why do you want to stay here?".

Everyday in and out, I hear nothing but complaints. About how screwed up our government is, how this race is like that, and this and it's a never ending ordeal. And that got me thinking as I ask myself, "What am I doing here?"

I don't know how I got here today; looking back to the days where I was an idealistic individual- the one with great ideas based on what seems to be right, great values, and principles. I was once an individual who is easily angered by the wrong doings- "Who does he think he is?" "What's wrong with the world?", you get the drift.

"Go explore, don't confine yourself; find a better future". The statement doesn't click with me. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in adventures, and looking for a better future. Today, I realized your future is not out there. Your future begins in you. within you. Not somewhere, or anywhere, but from you.

"Get out of this country, you will find opportunities out there". Well, the younger me would have agreed 100% with you, but now, I find myself rooted in these grounds, and I know the grass ALWAYS seems greener on the other side. You think you found the way out by fleeing your roots, but you find yourself constantly searching for yourself. Now, who are you really?

"This is home" Three simple words that echoed in my heart. I have huge dreams, and I do want to materialize those, but this is where I belong. I have never felt more right about my feelings when I repeat those three words.

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