Feb 19, 2009

Almost Famous

On a backdated trip to Penang, specifically during the Chinese New Year, while we were on the ferry; not one, but two unmistakably loud explosion came from nowhere. It definitely wasn't the festive fire crackers; more like Pearl Habour- on a smaller scale. And, needless to say, it caught everyone's attention.

Natural activity, maybe not. I wanted to submit to the national paper, maybe RM50 wouldn't be that bad of an addition to my (halved) angpow this year. Due to my infamous procrastination, case in point, this post, of course I didn't submit it.

Just though this would make a good submission on my post- mainly because I have absolutely ran out of ideas.

in bold red; a passing ferry.

Fortunately, no one had to use [pic] it as a lifesaver.

[nostalgic] we have the most fun as kids on fun rides like these.

And Penang Bridge is still as grandeur as ever.

To the many "almost", cheers!
One for the postcard project. Click!

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