Jan 2, 2009

the new year

Funny how we look forward to the 1st of every year, and it's only "special" for one day. ephemeral. Like how the flowers back home in my garden only blooms at night and dies off the next few hours. It's 11:11 am as I'm typing this, yet another ephemeral moment. I think it makes life interesting, and it keeps you going. If we know it's going to be there forever so to speak, do you think we will appreciate it?

Businesses thrive on it, one thing's for sure. Flowers and chocolates on Valentine's. They even make Chocolate Easter eggs, for goodness sake. It comes and it goes and it comes again, and that makes it special. How ironic.

T'was a good year. 2008. Crazy year. but I believed, if not everyone or most of us, I think besides the physical age, I grew older. Yeah, the body.mind.spirit. Maybe it wasn't a bed of roses, maybe it's the worst; but if you're not dead, you pretty much haven't gone through the worst. I mean, what does not kill you, only makes you stronger. Don't listen to me, listen to Kanye West. Heh.

I think what we can learn from 2008; the year the economy literally crashed and burned, is to go back to basics. Yes, economy in 2009's looking pretty bleak. Some usher the new year jobless, most doesn't have a big fat wallet. I don't see why we should go in circle figuring out "WHY ME?". We all knew that this was coming; speculations and over inflated economy, carelessness and greed; okay, and trust? Wallowing in self-pity is a case in point.

It's time to stand up if you have fall for the first time. It's time to take it slowly, step by step to improve your condition. I once attended a course 5 years ago, and this quote which is still on my bedroom wall today, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". So, lesson learned is that if what you're doing now isn't showing anything, then try a different method, pronto!

So, what are you doing yesterday that didn't work, and you know you can do it differently today? Nike says "Just Do it" and before that little idiotic voice says, "I can't, I don't know how", Adidas says, "Nothing is impossible!". Even US President-elect, Barack Obama says, "Yes, We can!". What do you mean you can't?

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