Jun 16, 2008

it's not too bad... like.. you know..

how annoying that can be, huh? Americans with their like, you know... well, it's not like we, Malaysians get enough of our own lah(s), and meh(s). Before Bush gets to me, I shall zip it for now.

So, Mrs. Cris and I decided to pop in the US edu fair last Saturday, after a super long queue at tmpoint. hmmph. When we walked in, we reminded each other to "try" NOT to be intimidated by ivy leagues' schools, in which the "self-talk" didn't really work, I mean we were like Ooos... and Ahhsss... at the sight of Princeton, Harvard, bla bla bla...

Oh boy, and you can immediately spot "ivy leagues" material, well, trying hard to not stereotype them, but hey, heard of self-stereotyping?

Half and hour in there, I was going around, feeling rather lost (but not showing just yet!), I remember telling my partner in crime, that I wanted out *throws in white towel, and call it a day* kind of out. I was sort of suffocating. Nope, no exaggeration. :x

But we kept on going, and when people at the booth asked us about our college, we nearly screamed for joy when this fellow from Buffalo University recognizes our college, and told us it is a good one (well, I'm not so sure about the 2nd part, but hey, you should be there when he told us)

"Saving the best for the last", our last stop at this particular booth, gave Mrs. Cris goosebumps, i think, and you know the whole "hand fanning" gestures, yeah that. I was pretty pumped up, it's interesting, and why not, I was thinking to myself.

I'm leaving this post with a big question mark:-

What could have given us a "goosebump" like effect, and "hand fanning" gesture? Guess! :D

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