Jun 23, 2008

I'm sorry, I'm just a little pregnant here

i needed something to blog about.
so when i saw this feature article on Yahoo! ah ha!
and if you wonder why i like to type on the "right", well, i just like it that way. for now.

we always hear "nice guys finish last" yada yada yada..
nice guys this. nice guys that. enough! what about nice girls?

no one has anything to say about nice girls.
so what they're nice? give me some hot chicks, then we'll talk.

okay, as I'm typing this, I did a super quick msn survey
(read: i have very little guy friends on my list)

when i say nice girls, what comes to your min

the common answers:

sweet, decent, friendly, down to earth, girls who make you comfortable, easy going

the O.o answers:
girl with short hair, you wouldn't want to know! trust me, pretty girls, marriable

marriable is not even a word. *shrugs* rofl.
but do you see the obvious stereotype?
most of the guys want to date a hot girl, but want to marry a nice girl
how would you know she's the one if you don't date her?

pretty girls are nice girls, one guy friend answered
physical appearance is the first impression and if you're pretty,
i guess you're nice (approachable?)
hmm, i wonder how true is that statement?

so, the question is: do nice girls finish last too?
maybe. but she who finishes last has the last laugh.

=) happy ending

well, don't listen to me...

you may be nice, provided you value and respect yourself FIRST
and you don't need someone to complete you.
Don't listen to Jerry McGuire just because of Tom Cruise. rofl.

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