May 11, 2008

Speed Racer- spot on review

awesome spot on review. harsh. but hilarious.

here's my take:-

it's about:
pure sportsman in a corrupt world of fixed races, dirty drivers (whose cars come equipped with lethal weapons) and multimillion-dollar corporate sponsors. -quoted from newsweek-

(you) shouldn't worry about:
the trailer (which didn't do justice to the movie, imo)
sucky storyline (which didn't happen in Speed Racer)
CGI effects (not for the faint hearted though)
acting (superb, 90% of the characters, you can't have all hits, can you?)

(you should) worry about:
your expectations (manage it well), because whether you enjoy it or not, it's up you.
re-watching it (it could be too overwhelming the 1st time, so you might have to re watch it) but you could always go rental, or read: pirate on it.
stuck in the cinema with a bunch of Rain's fans. warning!: could get annoyed by the shrieking every time he comes on screen.

who (or what) to watch out for:
Hirsch and Ricci on screen "hubba hubba" chemistry.
Sarandon as Mom (Racer) - great acting!
Litt and Willy (Sprittle and Chim Chim, they're like commercial breaks or just annoying)
Rain as Taejo Togokhan, looking forward to Ninja Assassin!
Roger Allam as Royal-"everything is about money"-ton
Matthew Fox as Racer X (read: topless fighting scene)

my ratings:
8.5/10 based on effort, flow, message, acting.

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