May 28, 2008

Cameron Highlands Pt. 3

Must-do, must-visit, in Cameron Highlands, that sums it all for Pt. 3.

When time is running, I'm talking about maybe a weekend getaway where you want to maximize your trip, the key is to start early. I mean it's pretty near from my hometown to CH, it takes about 2 hours (using the Simpang Pulai highway), so if you're from KL or Penang, make sure you be there by 8 am, that's where you'll get the best out of the trip.

Visit the Boh Plantation, Ringlet. It's about 6km drive in, but worth it. =)

You do not need to pay RM 15 for a pot of tea here, you can make your own, but for the ambience, do try it out.

p/s: the MNS bungalow is here as well!

As you drive along the plantation, you can stop somewhere. And if you feel like it, climb up the hills. Yup, you don't get to do this everyday, so it's fun.

p/s: but mind you, they do spray pesticide every 3 months, so it's not all fresh air you're breathing.

If you really want to, go to Cameron Valley, Bharat Plantation.
(pic) top of the hill, where you can sip your tea and enjoy a panaromic view of the plantation. =)

Be sure to visit, Raaju Strawberry farm, just after Kea Farm/Flea market- it's on your left.

Mr. Raaju is a friend of my mom who used to work in Cameron for 10 over years. Even I was conceived there. =) So, if you really want good strawberries, or rather different ways to enjoy strawberries, please do make your way here.

Mrs Raaju.

Strawberries topped with whipped cream, icing sugar and honey. Sinful indulgence, it's really mouth watering. (everything in moderation!)

Strawberry Milk Shake. =)

Reminds me of Vince's fiction. haha.
Sinfully good, healthy at the same time! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Scones. well, i don't really know how to differentiate a good scone from a bad one. All I know as long as it doesn't feel like you're stuffing something into your throat (read: Boh Plantation's scones!)
then, that's fine. Try Bala's Chalet's, Smokehouse's (you pay for the quality and ambience)

Remember to bring home a jar of strawberry jam!

p/s: it's halal certified now! =)

Remember what I mentioned earlier in Pt.1 and Pt. 2 on how to maximize your stay? Well, the secret is minimize accommodation cost, then you can enjoy spending your money on other stuff, like food or ambience.

A glass of Stella Artois at Ye Olde Smokehouse, by the fireplace. =)

Cheers mate! And have yourself an enjoyable trip to Cameron Highlands! :D Do drop me an email at: feliciarainyday[@] Here's back to Part 1 and Part 2.

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