May 27, 2008

Cameron Highlands Pt. 2

So you have roughly decided that Cameron's your destination, or at least finish Pt. 2 and 3, for that matter. This part is going to be on accommodation, well, at least I think it's important, because:-

1) Affordability
2) Environment

is concerned. Mind you, that these are just suggestions, keep in mind, those two main "concerns" when it comes to holiday, and of course what is your purpose of vacation, so to speak.

Like I've mentioned in the Pt. 1, I'm focusing more on budget, and how to maximize your trip here. =)

Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Bungalow, situated in the middle of the Boh Plantation, Ringlet.It used to be open only for members to conduct researches, but now, open for non-members as well.

Look at that beauty. "Long house" themed chalet, sort of? How much do you pay for this experience? RM 55 per room/night.

Note: You may need to bring your own sleeping bag, because the mattresses provided might not suit your taste. yeah. Other than that, you have all the basics covered; bathroom, kitchen facilities etc.

Dorms, with a view of the plantation. =) RM 10- RM 15 per pax/night.

more info, click here (or you can just drop me an email, no prob)

Lutheran Mission Bungalow,Tanah Rata.

Beautiful, breathtaking in fact, trail that leads to the premise. It's way in, but worth it.
(pic) overlooking the dining hall.

If I'm not mistaken, it's around RM 35 per pax/night, meals are charged accordingly as requested, but each meal cost no more than RM 20.

Address: 45A Jalan Kamunting, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang.
Contact number:
(+605) 491 2527 (9:00 - 12:00pm or 3:00 - 5:00pm)

The garden. I adore the place. :) Yes, they have a tennis court as well.

Strawberry Park Hotel. Well, not exactly a budget hotel, but it's not too bad, compared to Smokehouse, Equatorial or Cameron Highlands Resort, it's alright during the off-peak season. RM 200 for a junior suite, the last time I stayed there.

Perks of staying at the Strawberry Park is that you'll be able to go jogging, or morning walk, and you can request for local tours (with a fee) if you don't feel like driving. So, it's quite convenient, in that sense.

You can try out Arabella Apartments, Tanah Rata, as well, just a 5 mins drive to the town. Click here for more info.

For big families, I'm speaking grandparents, aunties, uncles, with children would definitely want to consider the Arabella Holiday Home Bungalow, by Madam Shu. Click here for info, contact details etc. It will costs you roughly RM 350 for two (huge) attached rooms, one with two single beds, and the other one with a master bed, a couch, television (with Astro), bathroom (water heater). There's also a gazebo just outside for families who enjoy picnics, and with space to roam about.

p/s: I stayed there during the last trip to Cameron's.


There you go, budget accommodation. Most of these places (except the Arabella apartments) that I've suggested, I have been there to see it for myself, as you can see from the pictures I took, or at least past experience staying at some.

Do feel free to drop me an email, if there's anything you would like to know, and I will be happy to help! Here's to Part 3.

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