Feb 21, 2008

welcome onboard interns.

Today marks my 4th day into internship. Suffice to say, it's energy draining! I don't blame full time working people looking like zombies now, I truly understand why they say they prefer school days to working days. Word.

Funny, that we want to grow up so fast once a upon a time, while those working people are literally screaming, "Get me outta here!" or "My life sucks!".

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Read some:

It's not easy, that's for sure~ working is trading our laid back and comfort life away, plus you're fighting for survival out there. Whether people decided they hate you, and also where the moolah is concerned~ it's a "dog eat dog" world~ no mercy. I knew city life would suck you in- like a whirl pool or quicksand or the unexplained Bermuda Triangle.

Scary, scary thoughts. I don't have nightmares yet. but looking into the "real" world for the "first time", I wished I was a 5 year old again, with only worries about whether I get 5 stars for my homework, Saturday cartoons, and fun! Those were the good days. :)

For a quick de-stress exercise:-

*disclaimer!!!! :p Okay. Go ahead!

tell me: (do you think interns should get paid?)

With interns, you get what you pay for
Pay your interns, You Cheap %$%#%@^!

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Aha! Happy exploring in your internship. Cheers!

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