Sep 21, 2007

Needed this. Woohoo!

Wow, it's been such a busy busy week. Another exciting week has past (very "interesting" indeed). Let me just put it this way... It's like a tiring ping-pong match. No kidding. lol.

Classes, trainings, meetings, accounts... You know the drill. If you know me, well, of course.
Now that I have to maintain two blogs, which is tough (haha), well, it's just login in two different accounts (too complicated), I might not be able to update that much here. Instead you will see me more in Unithree Communications where you can actually get latest updates of what we're doing... Great great stuffs coming up pretty soon!

Remember those sponsor posts that I tried on a few posts back? Well.. well.. well...

One has been approved! Guess which one? :p

My first $20.00 post! Sweet eh? haha.. I think so. This calls for a celebration! :p

After this really crazy week, this is indeed a sweet treat. I know I'm gushing over something really nothing, but hey, count your blessings eh? It's sometimes great to appreciate and be thankful of little small things. Like an innocent child who laughs simply, the simplest things in life are worth it. If you want to wait for big success to happen in life, you might not be grateful of little success. Celebrate but don't stop there, and work for better and improved success!

Today I also learned a new word. Haha.. Hokkien word: Pau Ka Liau which means covers everything (all-rounder in short). Hilarious day. A great time with my dear friends at SR having my latest obsession, a cuppa caramel macchiato! *yummy*

And a nice chatting session w a dear lecturer (he who observes and knows). Don't OT too often. Not nice to keep someone waiting at home. :p

Enjoy your weekend. Back to work for me. :)

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