Sep 1, 2007

Imitations. Good or Bad? GROSS!

Okay, we all know that China infamous for its imitations, whether it's your LV bag or in this case, imitation of a chocolate brand, Ferrero Rocher. Okay, we might all be a bit guilty of getting imitations of branded goods, and usually we never care. I mean it's not the consumers' fault that we succumbed into "imitations" because the originals are TOO expensive. But now, I'm starting to re-think.

Aug. 30 - A maggot-filled box of chocolates has raised further concern about the quality of products ''Made in China.''

A South Korean consumer bought a box of imitation Ferrero Rocher during a visit to China. When he opened them back home he found they were infested with maggots.

Sonia Legg reports.SOUNDBITE:

  • Professor Ahn Young-Chul at Eulji University
  • Lee Nam-Hee, Consumer rights
  • I might not touch chocolate for a while now. Totally gross. And to know there are so many imitations of food, in particular. For example, we have Oreo (original) ---> Creamo (imitation) and so many other brands out there which we might not know the risk of buying one and discover that there are maggots crawling all over it! Yucks..
    Okay, maybe I overreacted. But you know, better be safe than sorry.

    Well, imitations. Good or Bad? or Gross? You decide.

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