Sep 30, 2007

I lost count. This should have been my 100th post.

*Cheng Cheng Cheng* Behind you! *scream!!!*

Haha. Joking. Anyways... I'm now taking a break from doing my assignment. So me eh? Blogging is simply stress-relieving, well, after exercise and meditation. I mean who the hell goes jogging at 1:30 am? :p

Okay. Jokes aside. If it was funny? No..

The past one week was just a blink of eye (how do they say it, anyways?) Sorry, brains not functioning well. I mean time just flew..It's like the Chipsmore ad, now you see, now you don't. Okay. The end of commercial break.

I was pretty zoned out, with super tight schedule (yes, tighter than those super heroes outfit they wear on Who wants to be a Super Hero? series, lol) Meetings after meetings, classes, events.... Last Thursday, I slept at 7.30pm and woke up the next morning. Crazy eh? I know.. It's bad for my liver (voice in my head: dad's voice nagging)

I'm living my life now. Managing your life is not easy. Like this memorable quote: Life doesn't care about your visions. I'll second that. Let's do a timeline check (or whatever you call that) I started out at a crossroad, one leads to fashion designing and the other one journalism.

Who would have thought that I'll end up loving video, and now, majoring in PR. Such far cry from what I started out earlier (1 year ago)

I wished my life was straight (I'm not saying I'm gay- no double meaning here- buzz off!) I don't care if it's boring. Why can't each one of us know what we want to do and stick to it? I see people not knowing what to do, and just simply do something for the sake of doing it. Isn't that a shame if you didn't like the subject? I personally hate doing something without passion. It gives you nothing in return, you might even get scarred for life.

Everyone I know doing this course had one thing in common (in a way): Not to end up in a 9-5 job. Yes, that was our aim, not to end up like most of our parents or majority of the Malaysia's population. We are being denial, being so determined to try to be "someone"- and prove to ourselves and the world, that WE CAN DO IT!(in a cheerleader tone!) Anyone? :p

So much for trying, I think not all can do it. I'm not saying I'm giving up. Just a pit stop, giving it a second thought. What are we aiming for, really? Are we so hard on catching up on the never ending rat race? There's not enough cheese for everyone, that everyone has to start stealing other people's cheese, by all means, back stabbing, stepping, dissing, whatever it takes to get the extra cheese?

What happened to "World Peace" and living in harmony? Like how today the AFS Peace Petition event at One Utama went, where Malaysians, especially, most of them just walked by without giving it a look? We got all the peace in Malaysia, let's adopt the mentality of the "third world" country and ignore them? After all, as long as the terrorist doesn't come here? Right...

We have our goals in life, and we always thinking, yes I want this, and I want that... Is that what life can only offer, I wonder? I'm impressed by the recent winning entry of a Commonwealth essay competition, by a 15 year old Singaporean Girl, entitled: What The Modern Woman Wants?

'Through my story, I attempted to convey the unique East-versus-West struggles and generation gaps that I felt were characteristic of young people in my country"

I find her piece truly touching, and real. Reflecting what is really happening to our generation, this one deserves the top prize. It doesn't take someone like Stephen Hawking or Einstein to tell us, anyone who write from their heart. If you want to read it, let me know, I'll forward it the email to you.

So, as I was saying, well... I hope to fine tune that part of me, I do not intend to fix our generation. If I can, I'll start with myself. But I'm not playing God, I'm just someone who enjoys rambling and stating the obvious, maybe? And I make people think, which I enjoy, but it sucks because my friends dislike me for that. I don't really care, I'll just find people who appreciate that.

Speaking about that... Ah, I'll just leave it till next the next entry.. Yes, this is a long one. Too long? Stop complaining. Don't even bother to read it. =x Don't say I didn't warn you. I do every single thing with passion, even this entry. Yes, I'm being a bit "bitchy". Raging teen hormones, it's okay if you don't understand.

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