May 22, 2007

N95. It's to die for!

I've always dreamed of a slider phone. And this phone slides both ways! Lolz. I never really look back on Nokia phones really, after the discovery of SE. But this is real good! A bit pricey, it's slightly over RM 3K, but you can get the AP model, for around RM 2K.

It's a 3G phone, with GPS (it comes with the Asia map, for original models), and basically a compact version of a computer, oh, did I mention about the 5 megapixels? Pretty cool for a phone.

I'm trying to persuade my dad to use it. But I highly doubt he would go for something so high end, looking at the 6610i, he's using now, he's still loving it. Maybe when the price tumbles down a little, he'll probably consider it. Haha.. Let the PR campaign begin. Research/Planning starts!

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